Treasure Island

What happens in Chapters 2-5:

  1. A pirate named Black Dog comes to visit Billy Bones. The two fight. Black Dog runs away. Doctor Livesey tells Captain Billy Bones that if he keeps drinking rum, he will die.

  2. Jim’s father dies. A blind pirate brings “the black spot” to Billy Bones. Billy Bones dies.

  3. Jim and his mother discover the black spot, which says that Billy Bones has until 10 pm that night. No one from town will help them, so they go alone to Billy Bones’ chest. Jim’s mother will only take enough money to cover what she is owed, but Jim also grabs an oilskin packet of papers. They they run away and hide under a bridge.

  4. The pirates return, led by blind Pew, and ransack the Admiral Benbow, looking for the oilskin packet and Jim. When the police arrive on horseback, the pirates scatter, leaving Pew to be trampled by Mr. Dance’s horse.

Read Chapter 4 Here

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