Treasure Island

Choose a Pirate Name:

pirate name picker

Look at Google Earth Shipwrecks

What happens in Chapter 1:

Jim Hawkins lives and works at his father’s inn, The Admiral Benbow. A pirate named Billy Bones comes to stay, and tells Jim look out for a sailor with one leg. Doctor Livesey is not afraid of him.

Read Chapter 1 Here

Khan Academy

Download the app, create a username, and start yourself at the very beginning. Early Math. 1+1.

French Family History

I don’t know if this will be relevant for what you’re doing. Look it over, and if it is, do Lesson 1

Hexapath Game


a Young Adult novel Heidi Adele and I loved

Deseret Bookshelf

Find a book on here to read or listen to

Talks from Dieter F Uchtdorf

Sand Marble Rally 2019

on Youtube

Best of Ty Detmer


on Kanopy