Heidi asked me to do something I did last year. She wanted to have an Easter Seder, where we eat food symbolic of the Savior’s last week.

dinner I madetortillas, and shared how unleaved bread was part of Passover and served grape juice to symbolize the wine at the Last Supper.

I offered 1 part vinegar for them to taste, then mixed it with 4 parts olive oil and salt and pepper and a little oregano to make a balsamic vinegarette to dip the (unleavened) bread in. The vinegar represents the suffering of Christ. It was prophesied that Christ would ask for water but would be given vinegar.

Christ means the Anointed One, and people are usually anointed with olive oil. Olive oil is obtained by crushing an olive until the oil comes out. Christ was crushed under the load of our sins, because of which the blessings of the Atonement are available to us.

Bryan appreciated the authenticity.

Until I broke out the fish sticks and honey nut Cheerios to arrange in the shape of a honeycomb. This was to symbolize the food that Christ ate after he was resurrected.

The kids appreciated the familiarity.

Last was cinnamon rolls, for the spices that Mary brought to the tomb and risen bread because he was risen.

Everyone of course liked the cinnamon rolls.

I meant to wash each others’ feet like Christ did before the Last Supper, but I forgot. I think the kids would have liked that. Next year!