My worst fear is a zombie apocalypse. Running through the city carrying my three children and diapers and food and water and a first aid kit and a ham radio. And buildings are crumbling and live wires are scattered and fire is raining down.

This happened once, already, to people in the Book of Mormon. Their leader was murdered, which set off mass anarchy and tribalism. The destruction started with a storm. The thunder shook the earth and the lightning started entire cities on fire. Other cities were submerged in the ocean or buried by mountains of earth.

This lasted for three hours, and then there was darkness for three days. How would they find their family? How would they search for survivors, and what could be done when they found them? Infrastructure had been dismantled right before the hour of their greatest need.

They correctly ascribed the destruction to their wickedness, and wished they had repented before they brought this calamity on themselves. But then they hear the voice of Jesus Christ, inviting them once more to repent.

I guess many did, because they were found gathered to the temple. And that was a good place to be, because Christ descended there, showed himself to them, let them touch him, healed them all, delivered the greatest sermon ever given, and changed their religion from animal sacrifice to gathering for fellowship.

Now they have an opportunity to pray. And what do they pray for? The Holy Ghost.

The gift of the Holy Ghost … quickens all the intellectual faculties, increases, enlarges, expands and purifies all the natural passions and affections; and adapts them, by the gift of wisdom, to their lawful use. It inspires, develops, cultivates and matures all the fine-toned sympathies, joys, tastes, kindred feelings, and affections of our nature. It inspires virtue, kindness, goodness, tenderness, gentleness, and charity. It develops beauty of person, form and features. It tends to health, vigor, animation, and social feeling. It invigorates all the faculties of the physical and intellectual man… In short, it is, as it were, marrow to the bone, joy to the heart, light to the eyes, music to the ears, and life to the whole being. (Parley P. Pratt, Key to the Science of Theology, 9th ed. [1965], p. 101)

The Holy Ghost satisfies and fills up every longing of the human heart, and fills up every vacuum. When I am filled with the spirit, my soul is satisfied. (Eliza R. Snow, Woman’s Exponent, Sept. 15, 1873, 62).

When was the last time you were filled and satisfied by the Holy Ghost? When was the last time you received spiritual nourishment, and felt that rejuvenation through your whole body?

Your chance is coming up this weekend. The prophets are speaking, and I know the Spirit will be abundant.