Here is a Singing Time Game, played at Family Home Evening with my kids. I cut pictures of people out of the Friend, pasted them onto blue or pink cardstock, and wrote the name of one of our ancestors on the back. I hid these pictures around the room. The children were supposed to… find our ancestors.

Children with pictures of people

They took this seriously. “Some of our family is lost! We have to find them!”

Then I asked them questions about how they were keeping the commandments: Do you love God? Are you doing your best to be kind to your brother? And when I asked all the age-appropriate questions I could think of, I made them a pretend temple recommend. Was this blasphemous? I don’t know. Children with pretend temple recommends

Then we built a temple-fort. The girl took the girl ancestors in to the temple, and the boy took the boy ancestors in. For singing time, the kids learned in the temple which song to tell the piano player (my husband) to play next.

Depending on how you build the fort, it can look magical inside.

Children in pretend temple

And, yeah, Peter went in and out headfirst. I guess this is why three-year-olds don’t go to the real temple.