Austin is a sweetheart.

Austin eating ice cream Austin laughing while eating ice cream

When you point a camera at him, he says “Cheese!” It’s pretty perfect.

Austin says cheese

I have a few Facebook friends who post about silly things their kids do. And by silly, I mean, destructive and alarming. I was always shocked, because Heidi was an angel baby (in my selective memory) and she ruled over Peter and never let him do anything crazy. But she and I get busy these days and leave Austin up to his own devices. His own devious devices.

I’ll find him sitting with the cereal box, chowing down. Or I’ll find an entire box of tampons–some dismantled, some still wrapped–in the toilet. Or I’ll find permanent marker on my new Macbook. Or red marker on the wall every three feet in every room. Or the entire bag of pears in the trash, each with one tiny bite taken out of it. Or scratch my non-stick pans. Or he’ll escape the wagon when I get a phone call. Or he’ll sneak Dad’s birthday cake.

Austin sneaking birthday cake

Austin wearing Heidi's hat

Or just wear other people’s hats.