This is a very simple family history activity, and it actually helps our ancestors. It’s even easier than indexing.

A group of people have been typing up old records. A different group of people have been entering names on their family tree. While all of those people are sleeping, the computer compares the two lists and notifies us when it finds a match. It will put the match it found in the Recommended Tasks lists on your home page of familysearch. Children can be taught to attach these records to our tree.

My children have a list of requirements they need to complete before getting on Minecraft, and sometimes I add “attach two records” to their list.

My six year old actually likes it, and sometimes asks to do it when not required. I taught him to compare the information, and if it was the same, attach it while writing “details match.” as the reason why he’s attaching the source. If they don’t quite line up, I have him skip it and I’ll attach that one later myself.

Sometimes he gets bored and writes creative variations of “Details Match” like dEtAiLs mAtCh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):) and I let him do it because, although he is using my account, probably no one will see it. I just tried to find a funny example, and I couldn’t, so there probably aren’t that many terrible ones.

My job is just to attach so many more records that if someone sees “detales mach” on one record they’ll also see enough other respectable comments I make to save my reputation.