Our family history plan:

Set aside a recurring time for us to do family history activities in the home (as a family). Our current schedule: twice a month, at 1pm on the 1st and 3rd Sundays

Kids can choose whatever activity they want, as long as it’s approved or on this list:

FamilySearch.org. FamilyTree App
Writing in journals
Reverse indexing
Read the Brison books and other ancestor stories
Take a family walk and read family stories
Family tree scavenger hunt
Ancestor story hunt
Play with the ancestor cards
Listen to family history talks
Grandparent interviews
Interview a Kid on Video Ancestor research project
Ancestor scrapbooking
Photograph headstones
Research wars that your ancestors were in Were any ancestors in natural disasters?
Study ancestors from your favorite country
Play Record Quest
Find and prepare a food an ancestor might have eaten
Recreate a family history photo
Dress up like an ancestor
Create a map of an ancestor’s place with dough