If I had to describe my home school philosophy in two words, it would be Free Schooling. Children are free to choose what they learn (from a list of available options I have already curated). And the list of available options is heavily influenced by what is free in our community.

It’s the twenty first century; there are so many free educational resources on the internet. I’m really excited about expanding electricity, internet connectivity, and Chromebooks to underserved communities because I think you can get a really great education online for free.

Here is the list I let them choose from.

Tinker CAD
Math on Khan Academy
Scratch Programming
Powder Toy
Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
Code Combat
Javascript classes on Khan Academy
Research books on blogs and reserve them at the library
Write on their blog
Music Box Fun
Write emails to others
Curated YouTube Videos
8-bit art
Nitro Type
Typing Club
Online Encyclopedia through the library )
“how to draw ___” on YouTube
Family Search
Google Earth
Church website
Kerbal Space Program (not free but worth it)
iMovie or Open Shot Editor
Photoshop or GIMP
Garage Band (Mac or iPad)
Simply Piano (subscription, cheaper than piano lessons)

They’re allowed to do this pretty much any time except after dinner (because I think they would be sad about stopping to go to bed) and on Sundays (because I want to reserve Sundays for church, gospel learning, and family history). In the mornings they have to do five things before starting: Eat breakfast, get dressed, read scriptures, practice piano, and go for a walk or run.