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The best books are not a the library. The best books are in peoples’ homes. To make sure your home is next, put a hold on the material. Your first step is to figure out which are the best books. I do that by googling things like this: Google lists

I find a book roundup blog, and pick ones I want.

Then I go to the library website to see if they have a copy. I would estimate they have the book I want 85% of the time.

catalog search

I have a secret. I feel large amounts of guilt about saying this.

scholastic flyers

If you’re going to be wading through lists and lists of the best books ever, you’ll probably want lots of books. This is my current account.

account limit

Sometimes this is too many books. When that happens, I declare a Reading Emergency and everyone has to go home and read all the books so we can take some back.

I see homeschool families using these, so I bought one. I really like it.

rolling crate

I know some families limit children on how many books they’re allowed to check out; I do the opposite.

check out 5 books

Are those parents worried about the librarians judging them? Are they worried it’s not allowed? If it wasn’t allowed, they wouldn’t let me raise my checkout limit to 99 books.

My method for teaching children to read is to drown them in so many incredible books that they are compelled to learn.

Here are a few other tips for teaching children to read.

refuse to read books

There are some books that are too terrible to read aloud. It’s just the number of words on each page. It’s so tiring for parents.

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