I took Heidi to a musical, and she loved it. I helped her write about it here:

“Tonight we went to a musical. It had lots of songs. It was wonderful.

“I brought a bag that had a case and it had a wand inside of it. It kind of helped me remember to be a fairy that helps. A fairy that is kind. And a very nice fairy that’s nice to be around. I also brought a bag of my favorite rock and my jeweled clips (the jewels were actually beads).

“One of my favorite characters was Peter Pan. Peter had on a green vest and I saw that he had a string under his chin to connect his hat with a red-orange feather on. He was wearing all green. Peter Pan came to Wendy’s house and he found a boy that acted in black to be his shadow. He had lost his shadow. It kept jumping away. He lost his shadow because it came off his feet when he was flying toward them.

“Another exciting person was Wendy. Wendy had on a white nightgown and it had a little bit of blue strips along its front. At the end, Wendy felt confident that Peter would save her so she wouldn’t drown when she walked the gangplank. Wendy was also the one who told Michael and John to believe in Peter Pan. She told them stories about him and they believed her.

“There were lots of little fairy girls who Tinkerbell could call. When she called them, they helped save Peter Pan. Once, they stopped him from eating an explosive pie. The pie accidentally exploded Tinkerbell. Peter Pan said the only way to bring her back was to clap. It was fun.

“Once, in the movie, one of the fairy girls came up to me and talked to me. It was so cool.

“Another one of my favorite scenes was the pirate ship. I liked how the skull and crossbones on the flag glowed red. It was cool and creepy at the same time. The pirate ship also had boxes and barrels and a cannon. There was also a small boy who looked a lot like Smee. That little boy had a map along a belt around his waist.

“Another one of the scenes was the Indian camp. It had lots of kids that had war paint and feather hats on. They were all wearing clothing made out of cloth and the Indian chief, when Peter Pan saved Tiger Lily, nicknamed Peter as “The Little White Eagle.” The Indian chief had so many feathers on his hat that I couldn’t count them all. They came in colors such as purple, yellow, and green.

“Another one of my favorites was Mermaid Lagoon. There were some mermaids there. They had pretend tails on. Peter likes to tell them stories. It was so fun watching. I wish I could be one of those characters. One of the mermaids had ruffles across her front. One of them had a pink tail. There was a purple tail, a green tail, and a blue tail.

“I wanted to know about when Peter cut off Hook’s arm and threw it to the crocodile. Hook is afraid that the crocodile is going to come back and eat the rest of him. I liked it when the crocodile chased Captain Hook and Smee out of the auditorium. It was fun watching them run away. There were like “aahhhh! The crocodile is going to eat me!”

“There was also a little girl in the show who acted like Wendy’s little self. Whenever she came to Wendy and was whispering in her ear, Wendy was actually remembering or coming up with an idea. Once, Wendy said goodbye to the little girl when she decided to grow up.

“I really do not want to be bossy like Hook. I don’t think he had very much people on his crew because he wasn’t very nice. Those people he probably captured.

“I liked it at the end when the father admitted that he had seen the pirate ship floating in the sky before.

“I had lots of fun at the theater.”