I’m going to show you a shortcut into the world of app development. This works for my use case, which is a beginner coder making small, silly games for my children to play with on my phone. This isn’t actual real development that actual web developers do.

Make an account at Code Pen. Code Pen is a website where you can put in your code and it will give you a web address to keep it and let others see it. If you click “Change View” and then “Debug Mode,” it will go full screen.

If you have Code Pen, you don’t need to have a text editor on your computer, you don’t need to buy a domain name, and you don’t need to know how to put your code on the real internet.

Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at Free Code Camp and/or Codecademy. If you want to pay a little bit for maybe a smidgeon more value, go to Code School.

Once you make your website in Code Pen, send a link of the Debug mode to your email. Open it on your phone and bookmark it to your home screen. It will look like an app and you will feel awesome.

These are some that I have made (I did it for a Young Women in Excellence Project).