Here’s been the lesson/activity for our last few Family Home Evenings.

Here’s Nephi’s family leaving Jerusalem, by Heidi lego figures walking together Lehi names the river after Laman, hoping he will run continually to righteousness, and the valley after Lemuel, hoping he will be firm and steadfast. By Bryan. man standing on mountain looking at river in the valley Nephi and his brothers return to their house to get their precious things to purchase the brass plates from Laban. (By me) horse laden with boxes and a treasure chest same horse, viewed from the back, with jewels in the boxes Peter’s rendition of Laban’s throne room, when Laman tried to get the plates from him man sitting on a tall tall tower in a room full of random pieces, behind a door Heidi listened to the story of the tree of life, then built this. The people are holding onto the rod of iron, crossing the mists of darkness, and one person has arrived at the tree of life and is partaking of the white fruit. people walking next to a long gray lego piece, over a layer of black pieces, toward a tree with white lego pieces on it.  One person is standing next to the tree. I made Nephi’s workshop, with the mountain where the Lord told him to get ore. He also has a furnace and has begun one wall of the boat to cross the ocean to the promised land. mountain with gray pieces inside, a furnace, a brown wall Heidi has the family embarking in the ship. people about to get into a red canoe, next to a tree Austin’s Horsie Car. horse standing on wheels

The first week Peter was more engaged in the activity since he knew the story well. The second week I helped Heidi find a story and then gave her my phone to listen to the chapter. I forgot to guide Peter to a story, so he just played with the Lego monkey for an hour. Were there monkeys in the Book of Mormon?

Even more effective would have been reading the stories in the Book of Mormon or the Book of Mormon Stories for Children throughout the week, so they know what they can build.

The creations stay intact for a few days, while the kids play with them and act out the stories several more times.

Week 3 Update: Peter builds Moroni’s hideout, after the Lamanites killed all the other Nephites except him. Lego figure standing on the side of a mountain with random other pieces put near it Heidi depicts Lehi finding the Liahona. Her idea, I found all the pieces for the teepee.
Lego figure sticking out of a teepee, reaching for a yellow block on the ground Heidi’s Waters of Mormon, where lots of people got baptized. only Lego shirts sticking out of a blue base with pink flowers all around I wrote out two scriptures in hieroglyphics, pretending I was Nephi on the gold plates. “Watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds.” black legos on brown lego base, two eyes, a heart, a cloud, a word in another language, and a hammer “Come unto Christ, and be perfected in him.” lego pieces "gathering" to a center blob, a lamb, and a 4x4 perfect square with a box around it And Bryan made the Lord touching the 16 clear stones, causing them to light up so the Jaredites could have light in their boats. lego mountain with a flat top, man kneeling in front of an alter with 15 white round lego pieces, and 1 clear, with a white lego hand reaching for the clear stone