Let it be known. I have sworn off asking someone to fetch something for me.

You thought this post would be about Mormon swears.

Maybe someday.

But this day I can’t sleep because I am inspired and incensed. (Which is indeed a word. I just looked it up. It means very angry; outraged.)

Today I signed up for too many free online classes, which is a main symptom of the Holly disease. The other symptom is checking out too many books from the library.

One of my new classes is on sitting less. I signed up because I liked the graphic. (Holly disease.)

It pointed me to this video on sitting. The professor said researchers brought lean people into the lab and meticulously overfed them 1,000 extra calories per day. Some gained weight and others didn’t. The difference between the two? The group which stayed lean walked around more throughout the day.

That’s just one study, and it might not be enough to convince you to stand all day. Try this also. You’ll need to put on your scholarly journal glasses. (In other words, highlight words you don’t understand, right click them, and then choose “search Google for __” Trust me. Google can help you understand scholarly journals.)

I have a bad habit of asking people to fetch things for me. And I swear on this moment I will never ask you to fetch anything for me again. And if I do, I give you permission to say no to me. Because if you get something for me, you have taken my opportunity away to be lean, and used it up yourself. You have stolen my health.

Yes, I am currently standing while coding this.