The other evening I caught fireflies. It was so fun. And way too easy. They light up, and then they don’t move very fast. Once they are in the jar, they pretty much stay there. I caught 9 and had to force myself to stop.

Heidi really liked them. She carried them all over, watched them, gave them clover, and even read to them.

Today she wanted to make a firefly science book, and here it is.

Fira’s Firefly Book (Fira is a light-talent fairy) Fira's Firefly Book Clover is firefly’s favorite food is Firefly’s favorite food is clover. Figure 1. Parts of a firefly: antennae, head, bottom, and wings. 9 fireflies in a jar like this. The time that fireflies glow is 8:00 pm. They glow because it is summer. Fireflies are one inch, or 2 centimeters. Fireflies are brown, yellow, and black. Fireflies have 6 legs. I saw no poop. Mom let the fireflies go. Bye, bye.