How do you get your kids to brush their teeth? We use Youtube. They get to watch a video while they brush. This is also the motivation to get them into their pajamas.

I got the idea from 2min2x, which gathered youtube videos that are two minutes long for kids to watch while brushing their teeth. Except that those are mostly dumb. Except this one.

I was searching for one about learning piano, since I had been feeling like Heidi should start lessons. I was expecting lame, piecemeal lesson snippets varying in quality and interest, but I was blown out of the water when I found Hoffman Academy. He has recorded 120 piano lessons and put them online for free. They look like they are really good quality- emphasizing proper posture and incorporating solfege and improvisation and transposing. Plus puppets and fun songs.

Heidi and Peter watching a Hoffman Academy lesson

Heidi and Peter love to watch videos over and over again. They’ve learned the names of the white keys (through a fun story about who lives on Piano Street) and about five songs so far. Their singing has gotten better with just a few weeks of lessons. They actually match pitch sometimes. I’ve learned a few things about music from Mr. Hoffman, and I played music in college.

I’m excited to see what else Mr. Hoffman will teach us!