We moved! Seven months ago. I’ve been waiting until I set up this website to blog about it.

Bryan was hoping to take his career in a new direction, and we always knew we didn’t want to pay Northern Virginia’s housing prices forever.

The kids and I spent many evenings shut in a back bedroom trying not to yell while Bryan conversed with possible employers about how much he rocks. He settled on Sparkbox and then we settled here.

We thought it would be exciting to serve for a little while in an inner city branch, and we were certainly right! They’re keeping us busy and we love the experiences we are having.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Walk in the front door I'm finally grown up enough to have a color-themed kitchen! I don't know how I'm going to label them... To start with, I just memorized them by color and texture and smell.  And I may have mixed up basil and oregano.  Does that even really matter? Dayton Skyline, by Holly Where you will sit when you come visit! Olive Tree, by Brenda Braun Little Heidi is learning Roman Numerals. School Bus, by Heidi Heidi, Peter, and Austin, by Heidi.  Those are the boys' spotted diapers, by the way. Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat, by Heidi.  The Man with the Yellow Hat is the perfect parent.  Have you watched what he does when Curious George gets in trouble? Color Study, by Peter Scrabble, by Brenda Braun Family Photo Canvases, by Brenda Braun Heidi uses this for hair and makeup more than I do. Complete with Christmas Countdown Chain Curious George, by Brenda Braun Book Wall, which does indeed get more books read

Dayton Skyline by Holly; Color Study by Peter; School Bus by Heidi; Heidi, Peter, and Austin by Heidi (those are spotted diapers on the boys); Curious George and the man with the Yellow Hat, by Heidi; Curious George by Brenda Braun; Scrabble by Brenda Braun, Family Family Photo Canvases by Brenda Braun, Olive Tree by Brenda Braun.

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