Ohio changed some laws regarding energy companies, and now homeowners can choose which energy supplier their electric utility company buys from. I’ve been avoiding the whole business for years, and just trying to get salespeople to go away.

But one night I sat down and conquered the beast, and I am so happy I did. Now my energy is generated 100% from wind.

These are the states where this choice is available:

map of deregulated states

If your state is “deregulated” you can choose where your electricity comes from. (You can’t be certain where your specific electrons are from, but you know that your household’s amount of electricity was put into the grid from where you wanted it. Once it’s in the grid everyone shares the electricity and it’s fine.)

I went to my electric utilty company’s website and searched “choice” and read all the articles. I found how many cents per kilowatt hour I was paying, and compared the options. I chose the cheapest 100% wind option I could. It was the same as what I was already paying someone to burn dinosaurs for me.

This gives me such peace of mind. I don’t have to feel as guilty about climate change, because my energy use is sustainable.

(Most of it. Not my car or the stuff I buy. Yet!)