Gyms are closed and there are no weights to be purchased in America. If only there were these, hmm, units around the house that were maybe, 20 lbs, and another one that was 30 lbs, and maybe a 35 lbs one, and a 40 lbs would be good, and just for good measure, one that weighs 60 lbs. It would be even better if they made sounds when it was time exercise, and when you wanted to stop, manipulated you using your maternal instincts to keep lifting them. You do! Your children.

children having fun with the exercises

Here’s a fun way to play with your children in a way that

  1. They like
  2. Makes them like you
  3. Helps them learn language
  4. Practices turn taking
  5. Makes you stronger
  6. Burns some calories

These are from my library’s Mother Goose on the Loose storytimes. Nursery rhymes + actions + social interation = measurably improved language skills in babies.

I just added more physical movements to the rhymes to kill even more birds with this one stone.

Note: I made a slideshow presentation with this information, and people asked for a blog post, so I just copied each slide over as an image. If this post receives significant traffic I will do a better job. Each image is a link to a youtube video that will help you remember the tune.

grand ol duke of york the bear went over the mountain how to get a tall child on your shoulders] this is the way the cowboys ride do your ears hang low grandfathers clock hickory dickory dock a tisket a tasket did you ever see a lassie sleeping burpees pushup and deadlift bench press and russian twist