I want to show you what I made while I was completing my Knowledge project. I learned a bit of JavaScript, and while practicing I made some games for my kids.

Austin’s Favorite Song
Austin loves to sing this song with me. It can calm him down during all but the worst diaper changes.

A counting game for Peter,
Peter enjoys watching things count up. He’ll tap that button hundreds of times.

A spelling game for Heidi.
I wanted Heidi to practice ways to spell verb digraphs. She knows when a word looks right, but not which vowel combinations to try.

Play Primary Songs.
A simple Primary Song player.

How Many Days?.
My answer to my children’s daily question, “Is today Christmas Eve?”

Name That Primary Song.
And, the most difficult so far, Name That Primary Song. As far as I know, this is the only app of this game on the internet. I used to love playing this game in Primary, and could never get enough. (I think I’ve gotten enough now.)