This is Heidi again.

Pirates are naughty creatures. They love gold and they are in a ship, always getting into the fairies’ business. They are out floating in Pirate Cove, their home. They only make yucky food because they are not very good at baking. (More on that later.)

Fairies are so tiny. They love flowers and they are very creative. They like small creatures, which aren’t small to them. The fairies’ names are: Tink, Prilla, Rani, Lymphi, Fira, Lily, Iris, Bluebell, and Queen Clarion. She is the queen of all the fairies.

All the fairies in Pixie Hollow have a talent. They talents are gardening, laundry, baking, Queenly judging, art, mainland blinking talent, and many others that I don’t know. Tink has a pots and pans talent. Prilla has a mainland blinking talent. That’s blinking over to the mainland and urging children to clap to show that they believe. The laundry talents make sure that every single fairy clothes like dresses and shirts and raincoats is clean. The baking talents make sure all the talents have delicious food. They make the most delicious desserts in all of Pixie Hollow. Fira has a light talent. Light talents keep the home tree lit at night. The Home Tree is where the fairies live.

The mermaids are very snobby and they do not want to talk to fairies with wings. They dive whenever fairies approach. In Mermish, Soup’s name is Oola. Soup is what the fairies call Oola. Mermish is a language that mermaids speak. Oola and her friends are very good at swimming. They love to dive and their only fairy friend is Rani. This is because they are jealous of wings. They want to fly!