This is Heidi. She is dictating and Holly is typing.

Heidi is a pretty girl who loves fairies, princesses and mermaids. Heidi is five. Heidi loves to make things for fairies. She loves sewing also. Heidi loves science. She loves space.

Fairies are tiny creatures. They live in a big country called Pixie Hollow. In the heart of Pixie Hollow, there is a big maple called the Home Tree. The Home Tree is full of fairies: Tink, Prilla, Rani, Fira, Bluebell, Iris, Lily, Queen Clarion, and many others.

“Bluebell” sounds like “blueberry,” doesn’t it?

When I see a fairy for the first time, I will believe the complete part of Pixie Hollow. The complete part is when you believe in fairies and that it is true. You will know the complete part.

Bluebell is a garden fairy I just learned about. She is in Lily in Full Bloom, an ebook on the Overdrive library app.

Space is about the universe, the sun, the moon and the earth, which we live on. There used to be a couple harmful animals on the earth. But there are also many cute animals that are not harmful to use as pets. If you find a dark patch in the universe and you zoom in as much as the computer can go, then you will find thousands of universes!

Mermaids also live in the Never Land. Mermaids are snobby and they don’t want to talk to fairies. But mermaids are much prettier. Mermaids sometimes wear ribbon or seaweed around their tails.

Pirates on the Never Land live next to Mermaid Lagoon, where Mermaids live. They live in Pirate Cove. They live in a big ship called The Jolly Roger.