One time I took my computer to Mutual to teach a lesson on Ways to Make Money Online. And… then my computer fan broke. And so my computer would run slow and randomly shut down. To keep it running I set it on ice packs.

It was a Windows computer, and so whenever Bryan would help me with a programming project he had to get down in the mud with it and wrestle it into submission. Amazingly, without swearing and usually with success.

However with its fan’s demise, we thought it a good time to switch over to the Apple world, so the Bryan-Holly’s-Computer-Battles will be a little less epic. Most web developers use Macs, so most developers have to use Macs. Apparently Apple has a Refurbished Mac Store which is kind of like an outlet store. You just pretend it’s 2010, and voila! You have a top of the line Mac, totally sufficient for my needs (wants), at sale prices.

So the old Dell is now a kids’ computer. It’s perfect at regulating computer time… it simply turns off when the child has had enough screens. Peter is obsessed with tangrams. They also like to type and Paint.

All is well. Except… yeah. I have a toddler who loves to use markers. On anything but paper.

On another note, I learned that permanent marker almost comes off of Macbooks.